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This pizza is da bomb! Remember when Pizza Hut was good? This is it. The bottom of the crust is buttery crunchy. There's a good amount of toppings. The garlic cheesy bread is a soft pillow of cheesy goodness. They have great happy hour drink specials, PBR for $1!!! I love local pizzerias. This is one of the best.

- Amanda G.

This is our favorite pizza take out in Sheridan. Their pizza is great and they have plenty of options. They aren't skimpy on toppings and it always tastes fresh. They also have deals throughout the week. We usually order the party pizza, which you can customize to fit your needs and is a great deal. Their breadsticks and cheese is wonderful. It's crazy having at least 4 pizza places in a small town, and this is definitely our favorite. Their staff is friendly and delivery drivers are prompt and nice. They don't have indoor seating, but it's a great option for takeout. I definitely recommend giving them a try.

- Emily B.